The fears we save from cradle to grave,
They never go away.
The little child so full of dread,
At legions of monsters under the bed.
The teenage angst of pubescence dreamed.
Was never all as bad as it seemed.
The years go by we’ve come so far,
The decisions to bye that first new car.
The wedding day so fraught with fear.
As you nervously say "I do my dear"
The years go by and it’s still the same
As we play the the working, living game
We send our babies off to school,
And promise them that fear won't rule.
I’m older now and still afraid,
Of my dream lover, my silken maid.
Do I take the risk, do I so dare.
Does she know I’m scared, does she even care.
Can I rise again to passions point,
Or just end up with my back out of joint.
Do I have the strength of a young mans pride
Or will I walk in shame and say I tried.
So much to fear as life goes astray
Afraid to leave, afraid to stay.
Afraid to live, afraid to die.
Afraid to love, afraid to cry.
Afraid to take that fateful, course.
Afraid of failure, afraid of divorce.
Afraid of the future, unsure and dark.
Feeling to old to walk alone in the park.
Afraid that my dreams are all but done.
Clutching steadfastly to my final one.
Oh those fears we save from cradle to grave
They never go away.
Right up to deaths door and there’s still some more,
Maybe that’s why god makes us pray.

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