~Fourth of July~

Tonight I look up into the night sky, eyes wide open As I search in awe and wonder, listening to its gentle whisper Kissing and carressing my frail ear, massaging my eyes; I look up into the night sky in search for the moment. I wait and wait in the cold, still darkness - still for me As time stands still while for everyone a moment doesn't exist. I wait and look forward into the river of life - and love, In search for the greatest of beauty and blossoms in my eyes. I look up into the night sky, seeing for the first time A spark flying high into the darkness - and she stands there, As beautiful and shiny as the most beloved of stars - As wonderful and cherished as the sweetest of hearts. She brings light into my eyes, shining brightly beside the darkness, She is the only shine in my eyes, the one that brings this smile As I feel the river myst freshen my face - as the flare Burns within my heart and burns through, intending to reach for her. I stare into the beautiful shine, almost blinded by her beauty; The fireworks have begun and the celebration must commence As I smile as brightly as the shine in her eyes,the explosion shines before me - So close in sight - yet, so far, far away.



~The Shiniest Moon~

I lay hidden within this casket of my youth, Wasting my days sitting before my past; It is like an empty void, there is nothing there To remember - is there anything here at all? I see the mysty darkness all around me as I sit here, In this wooden crate where I am trapped like the animal That wishes to get out and ravage the world With the passion that is hidden deep within. I hear a gentle murmur inside my mind telling me to leave This place - the place that entraps me. All I see is darkness between the cracks of my eyes, Between the cracks of my casket, I see nothing. A gentle myst sweeps against my cheek and massages my eyes, Then I notice I am not alone - a single moon beam enters my sight - From the cracks it enters my mind that she stands there: My only vision of beauty that I see - she stands there before me. I slept in darkness for centuries, not knowing where I stood, Not knowing where I slept, not knowing what to do if I could. My body was nothing but wood and cracks and a burning smell, My heart a frozen chill away from inexistence. Then I see the gentle moonlight shining through the window; and it peers into my soul, looking straight into my heart. I can see that there is hope afterall as that she stands there; She is the shining moonlight that sparkles in my eye. *** The Family of Spirits Mysty breezes are broken by its swift running. Primal instinct tells it to run through the Trees And tread among the Lands of the World, For it is it's Mother, it is it's Home. The Sands of the Deserts warm my skin As the Mountains allow me to evade harsh winds; The Trees shield me from the sun As the wolf stands beside me. I want to be one with the Earth, my Mother. I want to feel the Sand blowing against my face, See Leaves fall all around me in a colorful splash As the wolf looks into my eyes. I want to be one with the Earth, our Mother. I wish to run with the wolves upon her face, I want to feel the Tree branches slide against me As I run because my Mother wishes for me to run; My brothers and sisters run beside me. I see the Earth man stand before me, I am the wolves themselves, I am their mind. I can feel the Earth move under me - Shifting in her slumber as her astral body moves me. She is always there, my Home, my Mother, Always telling me to run with the wolves. She knows what is right, and it pleases her that I do. She shows me the way to be One with the Earth, She shows me the secrets of the wolf, to be One with you. Sincerely loving you, "Dedaimus Sighmourgh TigerEye"

Always A Way Home


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