Shrinivas Sharangpani

Shrinivas Sharangpani has written more than 30 poems. Most of these poems are in Marathi. The subject of each poem is different. Some are romantic, others deal with sorrow, anger towards social injustice. There are odes and elegies too! Almost all his poems have rhyme. His poems, therefore, can be transformed into melodious songs. In fact, a very talented composer-singer from Pune - Mr Sharad Karmarkar has set music to three of his lyrics - Viddha hya hridayaas maajhya .., Yesheel ka priye too.. and Yugaantaraachya bheteenantar.. I have showcased His two English poems here.


That charming little princess
Is honey worth thousand ounces
Lovely, smiling, brave and true
As fresh as morning dew.

When I met her not long ago
She looked like a slender candle aglow
Calm, suave and yet inviting
Absolutely unassuming.

That she set my heart afire
Is a thing that I admire
But she returned my feelings warm
And put off firmly my mind's alarm.

All I seek from the almighty
Is owning her passion and quiet beauty
A union of bodies and our souls
As endless spool of time unrolls.

  WHEN I ...

When I see you resplendent with beauty
My heart races like a wild horse
Dumbfounded, I do not utter a word
Later I feel sorry with remorse.

When I hear your sonorous voice
I feel jingle of bells come alive
Lost for words, I do not talk
And I look like a man stupid and naive.

When I smell the perfume you wear
I feel your closeness and quiet warmth
I long to meet and be with you
While I keep gasping for my breath.

When I see tears welling in your eyes
My heart wants to be with you and cry
The joy of success I share with you
On failure I want you to try and try.

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