A Prayer for Mother Earth
I go out in the sun,
only to play,
To see life unfolding,
clouds drifting by.
The horizon hazed with smog,
covering a beauty that once was.
And in my mind, it still remains.
Folks think we are wicked and sinful,
They don't see beyond their noses.
The beauty and health we portray.
Us true and loving Pagans.
We want love,
peace and to save our Mother Earth.
But she is in ruins.
Oh Goddess of the moon,
Help us to open our minds and eyes.
Before the human race is no more.

Today I see my stagnation.
Like a fog.
My unhappiness is mounting.
My imagination:
My soul:
Like flowers with mo water.
Oh! But to see beyond the horizon.
To see the light beyond.
Our conversations feed the stagnant
coals of my mind.
The fire smouldered.
Then a spark!
Probe my mind.
Let me probe yours.
Nourish me with your ideas.
I'll nourish you with mine.
Let me swim in the depths of you eyes.
Feritlize the fields.
Of my mind.
Open my eyes to a new horizon.
Let me live!


Wise Woman, Respected Friend



A vision of life. As I never knew. It's possible! A mist I couldn't penetrate. I couldn't see. How to find me. I felt a glow. Oh! But only if I could open my eyes. To be wrapped in the blue of the skies. I could be one with myself. How to start! To reach in and grasp heaven. To pull it out of my heart. To wrap myself within it's glow. I'm sure I can see now. The light. I know it was there. Oh, what splendid beauty. But where?


Always A Way Home


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