The painter's only theme,
is to capture someone's dream,
as he sits there all alone,
painting what life has shown.

And with a little innocense,
he drinks a toast to thier,
love, life and renaissance.
What little there was to share.

He is there in his chair by the hour,
thinking this time is ours,
of drinking wine and growing old
celebrating our heritage, and what 
it means to be bold.

Painting is his only life,
it runs through his blood.
Even through all the strife,
even deeper than the flood.

When the painter grows tired,
and his hands start to weaken,
in his old age,
he sows what he has been reaping.
The grand old painter died last night,

With his paintings on the wall.
Before he went he took a drink,
and said goodnight to them all.



Late in the evening,
out on the square,
a woman in a raincoat
standing there.

We met by the lamp,
where the newsboy cries
she stole my heart
with her dark blue eyes.

We smiled at each other as we boarded
an old street car.
I blushed when she asked
are you traveling far?

The next time we met,
the sun shined all day.
We walked and talked,
till the sky was grey.

I took her out dancing,
dancing till dawn.
No happier couple,
had ever been born.

I felt like a King,
and she was my Queen.
I borrowed some money,
just to buy her a ring.

Then I was all alone,
the cards were all down.
She took my money,
and skipped out of town.

And now as I pass,
the place where we met.
I still wonder if ever I can,
forgive and forget.

Though bitter is my heart,
and foolishly proud.
I still keep looking,
for that woman in the crowd.


The words of SCORPIO 1980 - 1981

As I lay here in a trench of snow
and as the pain grows greater
for the blood keeps its flow
soon to be no later.

As I look around me
I notice as my eyes start to blur
friends weep beside me
and I began to stir.

For it will be over soon
then nothing will be said
so I'll make way
to the land ahead

As the pain grows much intense
I feel death approach
soon to be no more
of my soul, I am broached.



My love, you're like a rose
that sprang in June.
You're like a melody
played in the sweetest tune.

You're the fairest throughout the land here
so deep in love am I
And I will love you still my dear
till the day I die.

Forget me not that day after
You're the only one I truely love
we shared in laughter
and in love.

Your're the light of my life
As like the Mona Lisa pose
You're a wonderful wife
in my heart you're the Rose

Roses are my favorite
no matter where I go
I'll always keep my candle lit
and in my heart you'll always glow.



Well I phoned to tell you I'm coming home.
And I want to keep you all my life.
But when I got there you had already gone.
I wanted you for my wife.

You left a note on the table.
It was all sweet and nice.
And you know I wasn't able.
I know I couldn't look you in the eyes.

I told you we might work it out.
We could get together, and try again.
I know for sure without a doubt,
just the two of us in the wind.

After all the love we had together,
we had a lot in common.
But through all the bad weather,
we had some fights.

But before we hung up, just when my tears disappeared
I heard what I wanted to hear,
And I knew what that meant.
Theres nothing more to fear.

I've known what I've lost.
I've known what I've gained
All the love and splender,
when we stayed inside, when it rained.

We shared love when we touched.
and now you want to tell me your leaving.
I can't handle that, It'll be too much.
It will leave me heartbroken.

And you've never told me these things before.
Then faintly, there was a goodbye.
I wasted my time on her after all.
She never told me things before.



It seems just like yesterday
when all my troubles were here to stay.
Some people would talk to me and say,
Don't worry it'll all go away.

Always the dream of yester-year
takes away all the fear
when all my dreams are gone,
and I'm standing here alone.

When me and you are wed
I know without a doubt
so let it be said
try love and peace, and it'll work out.

Try peace and love my friend,
it'll help you in the end.
Don't give up, keep trying.
There's no need for crying.

And so let it be said,
Try Love and Peace, and it'll work out.
It won't be the end,
just the start my friend.

Always A Way Home


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