The words of a WARRIOR

Once there was this angel, I found her on her knees, weeping.
I asked, "whats wrong Angel, have you fallen from grace?"
She replied, "No. My children turned on me and pulled me from grace-
I lost my book and my torch has been extinguished forever!"
"What is your name?", I asked.
"AMERICA", she said.

I stand before the gilded gates...
Too high to see over,
too wide to go around,
too ornate to see past.
I have been here many, many times before...
Always it promises,
always it lies,
always it's the same.
There's no eden.
There's only a desert of pain...
Dry and hot,
so intricately plain-
and full of illusions.
I walk through the gates,
I hear her voice,
I see her face,
I feel her breath,
to find she's not there...
Never is there rest...
Never is there reprieve...
Never the thirst of one is quenched.

I hear the cords begin,
they resonate the broken crystal of my soul.
I feel their passion,
the electricity that is each one.
The bard causes my senses swoon,
note screaming,
yet whispering...
Passively aggressing,
so deep-neverending.
The depths I can fly forever,
this beauty
Those faint melodies...
I listen to the story,
I go with them,
feel their pain as they know not what becomes them....
I am one in this sad fantasy.

Moment of conception-
a struggle, a blessed gift.
A damnable curse-
From crib to crypt,
its the same old cosmic scrypt.
From births rift,
to deaths carriage-
the answer lies in the question-
Of life.
The answer?
To live.
Moment of lights extinguish-
A yeild-
Final surrender.
Its a trap laden maze-
With no begining or end,
we never know whats around the next bend.
We are all masters and pawn,
in our own game...
But of course-
Its never that simple,
just an ant in Gods lawn.

Loud and ugly,
soft and lovely...
Makes me want to scream,
or cry...
My eyes beam,
I die.

Always A Way Home


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