I long for days of past,
When the world was green and new,
And our mother held us in Her loving arms,
And shielded us from harm.
When fairies and nymphs danced,
On secret wooded hills,
Rejoicing in The Goddess and Her name.
A wild spirit never to be tamed,
Cherishing Her and the land the same.
I long for days past,
When the dragon, and unicorn called this their home,
When fairy and man roamed the land,
Along side elf and gnome.
Yet as the moon rises,
Come with love and shed tears,
For the past thousand years.
For you must know the pain of pagan eyes to feel the joy,
And see the fairies and nymphs hidden but not gone,
To feel love in a world gone so wrong.
We who see the world as it was,
Like children stumbling to The Goddess,
Only to stand in Her blessing,
And we the children of The Goddess,
Praise Her in all ways,
Knowing. Never guessing.

Scott Lancaster May 1998

Hellravens 2nd Poem

Always A Way Home


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