As the rain hits my window
In a steady rhythm
I think of sunshine
At the dawn of a new day

Everyone needs rainy days
To appreciate the Sunshine
That's Life



Hugs are a way
To make someone's day

Take the time to say
How are you today?


is a rare

Follow your heart
To happiness

It is easy to find friends
It is easier to lose them

Take the time
To spend
With a friend



Dead end life
In a dead end town
With a
Dead end job
On a
Dead end street

Follow your Heart
Live your Dreams
Don't get Trapped
Down a
Dead end Street
Live Life

Love Life
Get on the Heart Bypass!!

PaulPek 1999

The Circle of Life

Life is a journey, and excursion of sorts~
You are groomed by experience~
Motivated by Emotion~
Powered by Love~
Fueled by Passion~
The Grail in this endeavour called Life~
Is a Soulmate, My Love~
Life is our Gift from God~
Soulmates united, complete...~
The Circle of Life~
Together Forever~
Happily Everafter~
Eternal Bliss~


You and I, I and You

When Love blooms~
Nourish it~
And let it grow~
Harvest it when you know~
The Passion fruit of Love is ripe~
Taste the emotion~
Savor the flavor~
Let love juices mingle~
Feel our heat~
Fire your desire~
Push the envelope~
Of Love~


Through the window of my heart
To the doorway of my soul
My heartstrings are pulled tight
Across the many miles to you
You have the only key
My Love stretches across the miles
Can you feel my presence near..
My warm and tender kisses?
I want to see you, touch you,
Feel your warmth, and joy
Open your heart and let me in
Happiness is our destiny
I will always be
All ways be
Your man
I want to take you on a journey
To a private oasis
of Orgasmic Bliss
My Gift to you
PaulPek   1998

Where the eagle goes
That's where I'll be
Flying high, Soaring
Living Life

Where the hawk goes
That's where I'll be
High above the treetops, Floating
Loving Life

Where the dove goes
That's where I’ll be
Bringing joy into this world
That's the only place for me

Always A Way Home


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