The Musings Of Onc Joe from: TheGlobe

I see a time, long, long ago........and I see a man. 
Just a simple man, trying to survive and feed his family.

And one day, he finds a great seed and plants it near the cave,
so he can watch it grow.  The years roll by, and he stares in awe 
at the great giant redwood he has brought to life.

5, 6, 7 hundred years go by, and he never tires of the great tree,
stretching as it does, toward the sky, it's shade cooling the opening to
the cave.

But at last, perhaps 8 hundred years having gone by, the tree dies and

Still alive in this magical land, he watches as the tree crashes to the
ground. And then his mate turns to him and says, "I told you not to plant
it there, jackass!"

Always A Way Home


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