Doing what you know in your heart is right,-
Will lead you from the dark to Gods wondrous light.

Recognizing his love working through those around us,-
Allows the warm protective envelope of his love to surround us.

Finding that calming peace within and sharing that gift of love,-
Leads us on in our journey through life, to Gods kingdom above.

Doing the next right thing while on our journey to meet the King,-
Diminishes the trials and tribulations of life, no matter how hard they seem.

Through every dark cloud the light will eventually shin through,-
Gods Love shared through those around us is like sunshine sparkling on a mornings dew.

Dew what you know in your heart is right,-
Let Gods love warmly evaporate your tears as you deal with your daily strife.

God made it so the sunshine would come after the rain,-
He dries our tears and eases our fears to help us through our pain.
Let God Lead The Fight,-
In our struggle to do the next thing right.

Composed And Edited
Danny Blake


If you think dignity belongs only to the rich,-
You've never talked to the man working in the ditch.

He has his self-esteem and a little pride, it comes with the ride,-
Dignity is pulling yourself out of the ditch, to rise above the rich.

To seek a higher power in your darkest hour, is the beginning ,-
Of true dignity, wisdom can come from the Almighty One.

All you have to do is trust the Son,-
True dignity comes.

Edited And Composed
Danny  Blake

Daily Deeds

I say a tiny Humming Bird through my window pain,-
He was floating on the wind, dancing in the sun searching for sweet grain.

Such beauty is so rare, tiny colors in our life,-
It's the tiny colors that ease our strife.

If God had made all things of beauty so large and plain in sight,-
Would that cover all pain we feel, would it make all wrong to be right.

If  I were blind no Humming Bird would I see-
Then God would find some special beauty planned out special for me.

We must give love to fulfill our daily needs.

Edited and Composed
Danny Blake

Always A Way Home


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