Always A Way Home


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The angel of death has taken me,
to a place other than heaven or hell.
He has taken me to his castle, where I must decide which way to go.

I am neither dead or alive but waiting to be born.
He walks with me through the burning gates of hell,
where the devil is now waiting for my return.

I look deeply into his red eyes, and I can see the firey pits of hell
I look around me and all I see is darkness and wonder;
Where am I, and who am I.


If I had one more chance,
which I know I never will,
at least you gave me a glance,
I don't want to leave your arms, right after this dance.
I want this dance, that lasts an eternity
I'll never let you go.
You're in my heart forever.
For a relationship that died, long before it started.
It was the best time of my life.
All the tears I've cried for you,
are the only ones that meant shit to me,
You are my priority.
I'm driving straight past you
It feels like I'm falling,
I'm falling in love.
But with you,
Will you catch me?
Or at least try?
Before I die.


Dressed all in white
he comes to me
in a dream.

He says to me
I love you
in a dream.

He holds me close
I feel his heart
in a dream.

It thumps against my chest
he looks into my eyes
in a dream.

Runs his fingers through my hair
kisses me on the nose
in a dream.

I tell him I love him
I hold him close
in a dream.

I look around
we are in heaven
in a dream.

He asks me
if he can keep me
in a dream.

I reply
yes you can
in a dream.

I wake up
and there he is
my man in white.

But just think,
dreams can come true.
A heart is not an instrument
A heart is not a toy
But if you want it broken
Then give it to a boy.

He'll hold you in his arms
And say his love is true
But when he see's another girl
He'll say "the hell with you"!

I gave my heart to a boy
Who broke it just like glass
But when he came back I said
"Kiss My Fucking Ass"!


No one really loves me,
they just say they do.
No one really cares,
about me or about you.

No one really wants me,
they just say they do.
No one really misses me,
not even my boo.

No one really craves me,
they just say they do.
No one really needs me,
they want me to believe that their true.

No one really thinks about me,
they just say they do.
No one really owns me,
I just let them think they do.


My knight in shining armor,
is always there for me,
whenever I need help,
he will help me.

When I was lost,
no where to be found,
he came around the corner,
and found me.

When I was sad,
crying tears of pain,
he held me close,
and eased my pain.

I love my knight,
and he loves me,
I need him,
and he needs me.


All my life I have fighting to stay alive.
I was raised in such a way that,
you have got to put forth all of your energy to those you love,
and don't put any energy to the ones that you don't think of.
But in the long run you don't give two shits what they do.
Well fuck that no more.
I have got a lot of friends,
but when you really think about it,
there is only a few I can trust.


What did I do?
Did I say something wrong?
I have put forth all my energy towards you
all you have done is take it all in
You have not done anything to show you care
I wish you would understand.
That sometimes people; I need love.
Please show me you care, even better tell me,
not all the time just once in a while.
I tell you, why can't you?
I know about your past.
But can you change? for me.


What's the point of living?
If there's nothing to live for.
What's the point of breathing?
If people are going to take my air.
What's the point of loving?
If my heart is going to get broken.
What's the point in being nice?
If people call you a bitch.
What's the point of caring?
If the person you care about doesn't care about you.
What's the point of sleeping?
If you just have nightmares.
What's the point of lying?
If people are going to find out the truth.
What's the point of trusting?
If the person is going to stab you in the back.
What's the point of getting close?
If your just going to get seperated.
What's the point of sex?
If you don't enjoy it anyway.
What's the point of living?
If I have nothing to live for.