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By: 6MARILYN6MANSON6 from the Poet

When you wish upon a star
Make good note of who you are
You will change, I promise you
When it is done:
You are through !!

Will it ever end, I think it will
But not before I take the pills
I don't know if I should follow you

I wish I may
I wish I might
Never to remember tonight
You couldn't ever ever understand

When you wish upon a star
Twist the knives into you heart
Bleed your soul onto the floor
Feel the pain I suffer, and more
I just wanted to kiss, to kiss, to kiss
Why me? Why here? Why now? Why not some other
Ugly dirty dirty motherfucker?

I hate you all I hope you die
I wish I could just live this lie
Nothins' ever gonna change my mind

When you wish upon my stars,
Make a note of who you are
You can't stop it, I'm changing too
When it is done,


By: 6MARILYN6MANSON6 from the Poet

We lit a fire
Burnt an offering
Killed the angels
Felt it rising
I tore the bible into shreds
The demons danced inside my head.

I knew the pain would come and go
I wish it would leave me alone
My bliss is so much overdue

When did it start I remember not
I feel my soul begin to rot
I hurt so bad so bad so bad.......


By: MOB@NDY from The Mall

Somethings are nice, somethings are true.
Cherrish these eyes given to you.
They can look and see and even touch,
other peoples hearts that love you, much.
There soft and pretty, cuddley too,
just like the soft heart, that's within you.
With a heart so warm and a heart so true,
this is why, I really love you.
It doesn't seem to matter, we're miles appart,
when I talk to my TRIX, I can hear her heart.
Her heart speaks soft and never skips a beat,
and those BIG brown eyes, I can really feel the heat.
With a big warm heart and brown eyes that are hot,
no doubt TRIX, has found MOB@ANDY'S weak spot.
She uses them well and I can tell this,
when she ends a sentence with a *HUG and KISS*
She plays with *kisses* and plays in turn,
just to watch MOB@NDY *sit* and *squirm*.
I hope TRIX enjoys the feeling in part,
with the love within MOB@NDY'S heart.
*BADCOP'S* jail was a place to learn,
how your brown eyes can make me *squirm*.


By: Hopper from the Poet

Time unmarked
By the consistency
Of a substandard circle
When all stops it continues
Unnoticed, it repeats again
People are born and die
But it never begins
It never stops


By: Ashley Hunt from Jitter chat

Soft was the sunshine on the leaves.
Soft was the wind in the trees.
Soft was the song that the dove blew.
Perched on a statue on Monument Avenue.
Fred and Mary stood beneath,
Set a glow with a kiss that was sweet.

Mary grew up near Monument Avenue,
A curly haired girl with eyes so blue.
Fred grew up in Tennesse,
Climbing the maple and scraping his knee.
But as he grew older longed to know more,
To go to a school that would open doors.
So Fred went to school near Monument Avenue,
And there met a girl with eyes so blue.

They got married one day in June,
Beneath the statue on Monument Avenue.
Their son was born with eyes so blue,
And their daughter could climb a maple tree.
And when they grew up their son stayed in Virginia,
And their daughter moved to Tennesse.


By: Europa from the Poet
My prince, my knight in shining armor
You made me drop my sword and give you a part of my soul.
How lonely am I for you now
You tease me, you cut my heart in half
But my sword is now too heavy to lift
And you are filled with too much sweet poison to hurt.
All I long for now is just another kiss from you, just another soft
nothing in my ear, just another piece of my soul taken away.


By: Daisy from the Poet

I made the right
decision now
I'm alone
I guess that's the
price to pay when
you get in over your head
I remember the endless hours on
the phone that seemed to short
and all of the fascinting
topics we discussed often
I paid the price for
disapointing my parents
but much worse
now I'm paying the price
for falling in love.


By: Sylph (Bob) from the Poet

In the darkness I sat gathering my stars
What fun I derived
Placing them in jars
And soon the moon arrived

I grabbed at the moon
And poked it with my spoon
I gazed into the distance
And stopped for an instance

I felt a strange peace
A calm yet strong peace
A soothing serenity
A moment without worry

Yet worry came
As with much is the same
I pondered
Why such peace as my mind has wandered

Will I know
As will the wind that does blow
And the water that does flow
And the summer days that do go


By: Slyph (Bob) from the Poet

Twisting pain
Sucking drain
return again
as sure as rain

fallen hopes
wishing wells
dream again
a child's fantasy tales.


By: Misty-Dawn from the Poet

Every time you hit me,
It feels just like a kiss,
Whenever we make love,
It's this I often miss.

Yesterday our love story
Was on the evening news.
They told how you had beat me,
Left me cut and bruised.

The roses on the table
Say "I'm sorry for last night."
But, the ugly yellow bruise
Is proof you won the fight.

Every night I pray
For the Lord to give me strength,
To endure another beating and
To live just one more day.


By: OBLATION from the Poet

My elusive companion,
I am arms stretched searching
through the wind chime naked limb garden of December;
I am searching mad for you,
Your fervent atmospheric embrace;
as my eyes seeking refuse in imagination
harvesting your immaculate blue, dancing shape shifters
change roll forward.
caught up in the slow day ebb
of rambling water over that stone shouldered brook;
where I lay content
aching in pleasure,
just in being about your season.


By: OBLATION from the Poet

rest it in the grass entering the atmosphere beneath my feet,
dear earth soften the step;
be it in the greatness of the passerby,
the immaculate intanglment of the greeting;
be it in my lover's eyes that wrestling in the warmth,
the celebrated warmth of being loved;
rest it in the summer breeze
the breasted shape shifters carressing the luculent blue;
be it in my arms
as I pull my eternal companion in near.

for dear life
I am out of my nine month slumber,
and dear life all that i wish to feel
I wish those within me to feel it well;
I wish them to feel my climbing emotions
climb, climbing within them;
I wish them to see as I may see,
be it in the naked diamond jeweled summer night
those infinate star veined skies,
pulling at my imagination;
be it in my perception of them
that they become whole,
that they rest content,
at ease,
accomplish that to which spiral dancing
color like autumn flutter;
be it in my lover's touch
leave me aching for another;
be it in the thought of a companion,
to which a long time since the last visit had been brought;
rest it in the meeting of the eye,
let it wonder there like flames welcoming the winter traveler,
come in closer;
for my dear companion
I have a world for you to walk within.


By Atlantis from the Poet

The clouds I walk on will always break my fall
And when I reach the mountain I will let you go
But please be patient because I have such a hard time
Learning to be unsynchronized from your pattern.
It's so fucking hard to get off.

By Atlantis from the Poet

My hearts a vail
Tied to my mind
Blinding me from this delima
Shaken by the truth inside
Shit (he goes)
I missed it again
The warm blood falling
to my lips
Inside this shell
They say it's you
But I can't find my way out
Can't work my way
around the truth.


By: BOB from Boomers

I'm lost in a hole, nowhere to go
In a dark deep hole, I've sold my soul

I was placed in my hole, the brick walls do hold
They resisted my press, of my push on the fortress

Come to my hole, my humble abode
I own my world, in the hole

My rules are mine, everythings fine
Except for the void, that is my mind
And the endless trap, that is time

Clear is the sky, that is my roof
My life has been empty, as this is the truth

I have a goal, a goal with a toll
To pay the toll, is to leave the hole

Under the pale moon light, I work by night
A crack in the wall, provides my light

I found the reason for the wall
Through the crack I saw baby's breath and a lover's call

I stopped for a moment, to reminisce of my years of bliss
I started to love, and started to hate
The walls that do keep me here in my crate

My keepers did fall with the wind
They toppled to the earth, the smooth loving earth
I fondled the grass, and left the filth
I looked to the sky, and said to my god

My heart hath sat for many a year, without a soul
A comforting caress, a soft sweet kiss
And why now do I run free? I was answered by the wind
A cool calm wind, that brought on the rain.


By Atlantis from the Poet

Rising with the tide in my matted hair
The explanations of my life
never quite fit
the expression on my face
when you forgot to leave me behind

And no matter how it goes
around and around
You always find a way
to take everything
just beyond my reach.

And I've got news for you
I don't think it's fair
Because everytime I see you
in the starlit sky
You burn much deeper than before.
My tears slice the night.

By: Atlantis from the Poet

You walked by my house,
I heard your footsteps in my woods.
I smelled your body in my dome.
I saw you by the water.
I saw the solemn look you held.
And I saw you shed a tear.
I've never in my entire life seen anything as beautiful as you.
As beautiful as my tiger.
As beautiful as my Angel.
As breathtaking as my moon.
And the site of everything I see can be traced right back to you.

By: Cassper From: Pow Wow chat

What does it mean to you,
To me it's horrible memmories from my past,
Some stupid bastard broke my heart,
It's the feeling of dirt and unclenliness
It's the fear of crying and nothing less.
You ruined my life that i'll never forget
The day i met you i fully regret.
I tell my friends i still trust guys
When deep down inside i know it's a lie!
It's the sleepless nights and images of you
It's the fear of men and intamacy
And it's all because of you.
It's the fear of once again meeting you,
As i don't know what i'm likely to do!
I've never had a hate so deep and true
As i have towards you
I hope one day that you will pay
And the shadow of my past will fold away.


By: Anthony from the Poet

There is no greater pain
Than a love lost
So why not stay away
At all cost

If I never love you
I never will hurt
When you change your mind
And drop me in the dirt

I'll never love again
Yea, that's what I'll do
And never feel pain
Or suffering too.

When out in public,
I'll make my posture be cold
And I'll keep it that way
Until I grow old

And then I will say
With a pipe in my hand
I've lived a good life
For when I was a man

I never let a woman
Close to my heart
So that one fine day
She would simply just part

Pay heed to my words
And never feel blue
For as sure as I'm me
These words are true

I speak from experience
What I've seen and felt
And compiled and compared
The cards I was dealt

It is no lie
I would rather be hated
For love I have found
Is much overrated

If you have just fallen in love
I am warning
You'd better quit now
Or for sure you'll be mourning

I have seen love cause
A strong man to cry
With such unrelenting pain
This man want to die

Maybe then he'll be spared
From his suffering and grief
And in his dark grave
Finally find some relief

Love conquers all
Some fool would say
Till it frabs his heart
And then takes it away

And if it returns
Which won't be often
the heart it brings back
Will be fit for a coffin

And love will cause wars
I'm sure you have heard
This kind of love
Is at best absurd

When good men will die
For a cause that's not just
For the satisfaction
Of a few peoples lust

No, love is not welcome
Inside my life
I'd rather be shot
Or cut with a knife

These wounds will heal
They have in the past
But the pain in love
Will forever last.

By: Anthony from the Poet

I thought you were strong
You could outsmart many
I know I was wrong
you can't impress any

I saw your weakness
and failure as well
As I got to know you
It was easier to tell

You couldn't be stronger
Than the drink in your hand
It ruined your life
You foolish man.


By: SunBurst from the Poet

I patched my coat with sunlight,
It lasted for a day.
I patched my coat with moonlight,
But the lining came away.
I patched my coat with lightning,
And it flew off in the storm.
I patched my coat with darkness:
That coat has kept me warm.


By: Anonymous friend of the Poet

The morning began with the setting sun.
Around the fire we gathered one by one.
For breakfast there was fruit of all fashion.
You as I chose the one called passion.
With sounds of songs endlessly singing.
We explore each new feeling.
I watched you delight in the many textured layers of life.
While I talked to a soldier who had no wife.
Across fields of fallen crosses we were sojouring.
Till natures voices summoned, babbling and yearning.
From the shores of a stream both narrow and wide.
To an Isle of splendor our passion did glide.
In a sea of voices we searched for that spot.
To share natures treasure we had brought.
We talked without speaking.
Only to find that we are both listening.
We share drinks of liquid fire.
Building the flames of passion higher.
Walking for hours or simply eternity.
We find out way back to friends and insanity.
With a friend who is none.
You depart for sleep leaving just one.
With embers slowly dying.
Passion fades and I am crying.
With the comming of a second sunrise.
I look within and summarize.
Momments of passion forever passing.
Only memory and desire keep thim lasting.
Gone with the dark are the passions of the mind.
And as I sleep, I wonder, is the passion real,
Or just a fruit of some kind.

By: Rebecca From Pow Wow chat ****************** A few words (I leave you now) ***************************** If I didn't live up to your expectations I'm sorry I would have liked to have been everything you wanted of me and more If I straight out disappointed you I'm heartbroken I always wanted to be the perfect girl I know I sometimes managed to be deceptive But I really wouldn't go so far to say I lied to you I always liked to think of myself as an advocate of truth But too many smiles you saw were fake So maybe I didn't do everything right Maybe I screwed up more than you and your whole cult Are you going to condemn me forever Are you going to make me the epitome of hell Cos if that's what you want of me If you want me to be your "should not" poster girl If you want to make me your donkey to pin What difference should it make to me now I leave you now, and I've many words to say But I never was a vocalist so I don't know how to say them I never was a public speaker and no one listened to me anyway So I leave you to interpret the few words I have as you will Since that's all you've done all along anyway Not only did you not listen, but you never even heard me You listened to your country music bull and asked if it was raining But the water was always just my tears I know I lived up to some of your expectations You wouldn't have paid my hospital bills otherwise But still it's not like you wanted to You said no, in jest, but you are jest so what difference does it make But you know, there was one expectation you always had That I would never grow up to be like me, or like my sister And that's the one thing I always was I'm really sorry to have disappointed you All I wanted to do my whole life was suck up to your believes So you would like me for who I am Or who you thought I was Or who you wanted me to be One out of three would have been great And if they were all one in the same we all could have rejoiced But you liked me, loved me, wanted me for none You hated me, I had no sense to hate you back I loved everyone with a plastic smile on my face That you taught me to mold before I could even talk And if I could talk would I have said no I probably would have just said how great you were I guess times like these are supposed to be Full of disappointment and grief and fear I guess there's not point in denying the proper course of nature That's one thing you always taught me Do you think nature's a great force in the world You do, well so do I You think it's probably the greatest, oh, yesterday it was God But today's today so let's push nature on I'll give you disappointment I'll give you grief and I'll give you fear Watch me close, remember I'm deceptive I'll present my case and you'll probably end up going with me when I leave So let's see, where shall I start in the story of my, oh sorry, I mean your life Well I cheated on a spelling test in the first grade And I got caught and never told you But at least I never did it again, at least not that I remember I did a lot more on feelingless date With feelingless guys than I ever told you I always used up as much of my curfew as I could And just told you sketchy details, about the movie we "watched" And now for the biggest disappointment of all Guess what mommy love, it turns out I'm bisexual, gay you know Oh you don't, you don't know, here, I'll put it in your kind of terms Hey mommy, meet your daughter the faggot, the queer Now do you know why I came home from school some days With a tear down the side of my shirt And blood dripping off my lips You ignored me because you wanted to, and you were afraid of change anyway What mom, does that bother you, are you shocked Does it piss you off and make you want to scream Or do you just want to go throw up You can use my bathroom, I finally got around to cleaning it So what if I didn't live up to every damn expectation you had of me So what if I disappointed you more than Hitler did Which doesn't say much, considering your believes Do you really think I'm sorry, do you really think I'm smiling Look at me, all ye mother fuckers Look at the face you see before you Look at the bruises and the blood and the shame and the smile that is not there Do you think I was really sorry I've already let all my disappointment out on you And I'm not faking anymore You're gonna see what I'm gonna show you And you're gonna feel what I throw at you Don't look at me like I'm your incarnation I had nothing to do with you You had nothing to do with me You just stood by and watched while I raised myself a disappointment, and another So I'm not going to fool you anymore I'm not going to fake a smile when I'm roasting inside If I'm feeling hot, I'm gonna burn you And I'm gonna burn you good, the heat is all yours anyway You tell me it's okay now, I can go back I can change where I screwed up I can have a second chance and undo my mistakes Yeah, well guess what Fuck you and your expectations and your disappointments And your mistakes that I took just fine And your heat that you hid with the AC on too high And your apologies and your plastic smiles And your beliefs that I sucked up to but never really liked the taste And your lies and your truths that you used interchangeably And fuck you and your perfect daughter Cos I'm not her, so why should I care anyway So I'm leaving now, and I feel a lot better I leave you now with these few words to interpret (as the drugs having too much effect) I'm sure you won't rest in peace, but I will Because I'm not a faker anymore I'm not you anymore Untitled ******** By: Sprink from Century Poet **************************** And come the clouds for the East. - one thousand.... Flash .... almost here. as tears fall from a sad eye it starts to SPINKLE.... then as slowly as it takes to get into shape it turns into rain. Joyful Joyful is the desert ground And as fast as it came with a Clap and Flash.. it was gone and SPRINKLE was no more *** Untitled ******** By: Catastrophic from Century Poet ********************************** The rain comes falling down... here and there and all around... The rain and thunder then commence and shows their love has grown immense... Like a distant clap of thunder pleasure comes and to the river where the water runs I see a glimpse of loves first kiss and I see fire so intense... thinking of love so new I see me and I see you to I run, do I hide or should I stay and be not shy? Here I lie in eternal bliss . . . with nothing here but loves first kiss . . . How must you ease my mind . . . and still prove that you are kind... Standing in the pouring rain I'm frustrated time and time again. *** Untitled ******** By: Styles from Pow Wow *********************** Distance separates us from touching... Yet our hearts have found each other... Honesty guides our souls into warm embraces.. Yet our minds meet within the chatter... So tempting is your spirit... Yet our friendship forces quiet shyness... Love is such a powerful thing... Yet passion turns the other cheek... Time increases this wonderful relationship... Yet each time we are together, nothing in the real world matters... (Tim thank you for resending this one, I have no idea how I lost the original) My apologies. *** Bare Back Rider *************** By: H. D. Duke from ICQ *********************** Day is done, I close my eyes I'm free. The beauty of the world, Surrounds me... Soft as the morning bright with promise. In the meadow, The wind dances through the clover, Sweeps the heads of grain, Whistles down my name... Like the color of a wildflower, Soon forgotten. It was long ago, But that child on the pony, Reminds me of a time, When a world full of trouble, Hadn't touched me yet.... Bare back rider, I've seen your dreams of freedom..... Running through the pastures' Jumping over fences, Near my home. Your look is familiar, I can almost remember, The iron frost on the grass... Playful voices past... Of my youth. Bareback rider, I've chased some dreams myself... Elusive as the feeling... When memories come stealing... From innocence past. I'm a little too much dreamer, In a world full of schemers, I want to find my way back.......... I'd love to find a way back..... To my youth. Day is done I close my eyes I'm free, The beauty of the world surrounds me.... Soft as the morning, When life was new. In the meadow, The wind dances through the clover... Sweeps the heads of grain, Whistles down my name... Like the smile of a child, Soon forgotten. *** "A Second World" **************** By: TECHNOCOLOR from 2COOL ************************** that screen has people from all different places each one unique but all without faces boy how it's easy for them to all get along the real world's all different the real world's all wrong what they see on that screen is what makes you, you they don't judge you by looks but by what they find true you hear of the few who get away with what they shouldn't try to stop that anywhere you'll find that you couldn't the rest of those people are like you and I they tell the truth why should they lie don't be afraid of what you might find whether it's chilling, thrilling, or shocking the mind you'll find so much more than you could ever expect and soon to that screen you will give some respect for it is not what keeps you away that's inside you holding you at bay take a new risk take a journey to see then you will know what it's like to be free By Aaron Kaestner *** "To The One That I Love" ************************ By: Brian "Yarn Ball" Grosch……Oct-26-97 *************************************** You Are The One That I Love. And That I Hold So Dear. I Know In My Heart. I have Nothing To Fear. As Every Passing Day. Keeps Slipping Us By. The Pain In My Heart. Cries Out A Great Big Sigh. I Know That We Have Chosen. The Right Thing To Do. And That Will Never Change. The Way That I Feel About You. No Matter How far. No Matter How Near. I Love You With All Of My Heart. Until The End Of Our Years. My Feelings For You. Have Never Been So Strong. I Am Willing To Wait. No Matter How Long. From The Time That We Have met. And Until The Time We Depart. I'll Always Consider You. The Keeper Of My Heart. I Will Always Cherish. The Memories That We Have Had. No Matter How Good. No Matter How Bad. I Told You That I Would Wait Forever. And That Will Always Hold True. Because Of Three Simple Words. I LOVE YOU. So For Now I Say good-bye. And Bid A Fond Farewell. I Love You With All Of My Heart. My Heavenly Earth Angel. **~~This Poem Was Written and is Dedicated to My One and Only True Love Kitishane By: Kenny J *********** ALWAYS ****** Always on the outside, looking in, Always knowing it's not for me. I wish I could change, I wish things could be different. My nose pressed against the glass, that bike in the window is everything I need. To bad it's not there for me. I would do anything for that bike, oh yes I would. I would even steal it if I could. None of this matters it's not there for me. Clean polish and love that bike, day in and day out, this is what I would do. Someone else will take it home, use it abuse it, and neglect it, that's what he will do. Always on the out side looking in, Always knowing it's not there for me. If he ever discards it, and throws it away. I would not hesitate, to pick it up and treat it just like new, by now you know it's not a bike. It's you! *** By: By Mark Hipwood - Artist from; the globe *********************************************** EVILS OWN TO MAKE ********************* By day and by night evil awaits just out of sight, in your dreams and in your wishes evil awaits just out of sight. You can run and you can hide evil will find you, and watch you for evil awaits just out of sight. In your past as in your present so it is in your future, evil will always waits just out of sight. Hear my words and hear them well evil never rest, but always awaits just out of sight and when its ready it take you for it own to evil make.. ***** By: Child Of The Night - another of rain’s good friends ************************************************** AS SHE SLICES OFF THE OUTER SHELL, THE BRUISES BENEATH APPEAR. SHE STOPS AND LOOKS AT THE PROOF OF HER FEAR AND THE STORY SHE'LL NEVER TELL THE TEARS FORM RIVERS IN HER EYES, AND SHE DRAWS BACK THE BLADE ONCE MORE. SHE CUTS AND BLEEDS AND SIGHS AT THE REMORSE OF THE WANTING AND NEED TO DIE. THE LIFE DRAINS FROM THE WORTHLESS VEINS, AND HER HEAD SINKS DOWN TO THE FLOOR. SHE GASPS AND CRIES AS HER SOUL CLOSES THE DOOR HER BODY IS ALL THAT REMAINS. *** By: -Omar Alexis / rain's friend ******************************** Encounter With Life ******************* Life has become quite heavy lately feelings tire me, pressures are hard to deal with problems seem to have no solution and possible answers only lead to more problems. My lack of strength isolates me takes me away from the few things that help my sanity and though they try, people don't help either they really only trouble things. Anxiety builds and solutions haze from thought emotions run wild and impulses are imminent. The blade is sharp and surroundings are quiet no need for notes, they only trample things. Thoughts rush fast and sharply nevertheless, they too confuse themselves. The time has come, the blade is sharp the thought is dull, but the flow begins assumed redness flows as black as death and as it drains from inside, the thought becomes clear. Life has been met. The flows become bright, the blackness disappears and I have met my liberty, I am free to live... *** By: Michiel from PowWow *********************** Dutch poem ********** ik ben dik met een grote snik soms heb ik de hik dan weet ik niet waar ik mik en zijn mijn ogen dik And this one is also by Michiel ******************************* Als ik een vis was zou ik Muiden en Elburg mijden Er hard voorbij rijden Maar ik ben een stier, en kom er met plezier *** By: Cyanzen from PowWow *********************** We had a beautiful ice storm in Ontario *************************************** Ice, pristine, clear, cold, farthest deep space ,pristine, clear, cold. the difference. the tinkling sound as warm wind dances with the ice covered branches, the complete absence of sound, as vacuum stills the ears. the common. unfathomable dancing light, broken up into uncountable facets, by the pull of ice covered branches. the soft blanket of darkness, that welcomes the light both to be called home. ***

Official PWOTW Artistic Expression
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Two Untitled submissions from: Christi in Youngstown, OH ********************************************************* Why must you play with my head Why do you fuck with my emotions Why do you tell me you love me :but I don't believe you. Why don't I believe you Why must you lie to me Isn't honesty in your vocabulary Why is your heart so cold yet your eyes seem so warm sometimes Is it a game you like to play Why do you tell me to call but you never call back Why am I so stupid to sit and wait to hear your voice Why must my heart be the one to get broken time and time again Don't your feelings get the best of you Or do you feed off of the anguish and hurt you cause Does this make you bigger; stronger You aren't shit. I sometimes wish I never fell in love with you and that you had never laid eyes upon me I push you away but like spring you bounce back And like a razor you cut and slash wounds deeper than the ones before One day I'll realize that dirt can be washed from the surface and my slate will be clean Except this time I will find true love And never want to be with you again. F**K OFF! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fire in your eyes, Fire in your heart, Fire in your words. I loved the warmth - I couldn't get enough. I got closer, accepting and enjoying. You soon spontaneously combusted. No pain for you - but I got burnt. I now have scars. Scars on my heart from lies. Lies that caused my heart to melt. But you didn't care. You are immune. Immune to the truth and to reality. But you will remain the same - burning and scorching those you come in contact with; loving every second. smiling. Looking for the next victim. I, on the other hand, have mended my wounds. I am stronger than ever. I've learned from my mistakes and from the pain given to me by those I love. Flavor of the Month ******************* By: Josephina ************* You had fun? Not like I'm much fun lately... no, I'm no fun. I'm not the Flavor of the Month. You ate me so much last month, I'm sickening and repulsive to you Just the thought of me turns your stomach But I guess that's what happens when you eat too much of me. I get replaced by a new Flavor So you can eat her until she disgusts you too. And then you'll throw away your empty bowl, your stomach full and satisfied, And forget all about me. *** By: FreakySDktr - Robert - from HotMessenger ******************************************** MY WAY ****** Harder rain has never fallen Then on this night....My doom Though sky's are clear My way is not Emptiness consumes An angels song, A demon's shriek My soul begins to end The hand of God Warm and pure My soul begins to mend The clouds must part, The way must clear Is this the path I'll choose On the other side I hope to find That I am not refused ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All by JollyJ - Julie from HotMessenger Friends ******* as you go through life friends come and go but only those who are special remain close to our heart as I go through my life I'm glad have you there The friend I have ***************** how is it that when one is down there is always a friend to pick you up that one person is now your friend the smile on your face or the understanding ear are greatly appreciated more than you will ever know friends are always there when you are down I am so glad you were there for me on that day All Alone ********* in what way can you tell when you are all alone the friend I had at one time made me feel so special that friend is now not there I feel so all alone in ways I try to cover by talking for lengths of time with that short time it helps a bit but the hurt will stay by being all alone Me ** as you have figured out I am a very giving person friend if you will I want to give so much but can only give what I can my heart is very open my shoulders very broad I will listen to you if you ever need an ear I am your friend as you are mine I will have this no other way what other way could it be Respect ******* why is it that you snicker if the word respect comes up would you do the same if the word admiration was spoken the ways one can respect you are for who you are how you treat your friends or maybe just because in what ways could I admire you admiration for a friend is the only way to think of when the word is thought so yes I do respect and have some admiration for you my friend Was it meant to be ****************** how is it that when you meet you have not a clue you meet so many people but only few become friends from those friends you suddenly know how close one will be that one friend breaks down the walls walls that have built up with time as friends you not only talk and listen but also understand each other Treading Water ************** with a question or a wrong word something that is said I feel as if I am treading water things start to die down you say you will forgive maybe will forget I still feel as if I am treading water things are going fine we get along well everything behind us I still feel as if I am treading water but with things that were said the wrong word at the wrong time I still feel as if I am treading water the water that was once calm has now been treaded will it ever be calm I feel as if I am treading water You will not know ***************** you will not look at me you will not know you do not see my eyes you will not see the hurt you will not talk to me you will not hear For what you do not know you will still look at me through your mind you will still see me through the memories you will still talk to me though not knowing it for what I know is that we will always be friends by what we have felt for each other in our hearts Friends ******* friends may not have been here yesterday but they are here today and if they are true they will be here for a lifetime My eyes ******* when you look into my eyes what is it that you see do you still see joy, happiness or love or is it pain that you see my eyes have Nothing to hide behind anymore not even a mask so when you look into my eyes tell me what it is you see JollyJ 1999 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Realities ********* By: Ousel Surely She said Surely goodness and mercy She chanted Surely He said Surely taking you apart He ranted But still..... Surely she said *** Untitled ******** By: kk Isn't it amazing, the amount of time spent Must be hard for you to understand The smile in their eyes! What has it taken? so many days gone by the reason honest ..........their torrential lies it never dies you see hypocrisy I see the dice could you ever understand?????? why I say goodbye? when the thought comes to you have I been gone???? for how long just a whisper in your night it's all yours mystic kk *** Untitled ******** By: SunBurst I'd give anything for you to understand and see just how special i think you are and how much you mean to me. If you could only understand exactly how i feel I know you would find that my feelings for you are real. I made some mistakes this is true but i can't go back and make them right and im so sorry my life has hurt you this is all i think of through the night. I couldn't forsee the future but i am there now and its ever so hard but know that i will get through this for sure even though it will leave a very deep scar. I will think of you often with tears in my eyes watching the moon rise and the sun set knowing i have loved you since the day we met. *** CANDLE EYES *********** By: Sara As I look upon the burning gold light of my candle, I see my cat's eyes looking at me with a sad and lonely stare. I hear her cry and tell me how much she misses and needs me. The heat of the candle reminds me of her warm fur brushing up against my hand as I pet her. I picture her long brown furry fur in my mind. Then the rain starts dripping down, down, down from my eyes. I let out a big sigh. The candle goes out. I feel no warmth, love, fur. I hear no cry. I see no eyes, no picture in my mind. My cat is gone. " Pegasus " *********** by: crackerjill *************** I raised my eyes up to see A winged horse with pelt of green Proud neck and muscles lean Soaring over the foamy sea. He raised his plumes high in the air Shook his mane of emerald hair Filled the wind with neighing cries And looked at me with amber eyes. He landed on the golden sand Slowly I reached out my hand And as I touched his silky side He asked to take me for a ride. Rising above the scarlet clouds Flying at the speed of sound We traveled over iron mountains Here,there and everywhere Water splashing through the air Reflecting colors,glistening light In a dim and darkened night On the marble walks we played Until the darkness turned to day When we reached the beach again I began to wonder where I'd been And I saw no time had passed Since the time I stood there last. Untitled ******************* By: Benighted One ************* Three days of sodom within the dungeon, side to side they try to hide Horrid yellow eyes telling of gluttonous lies, empty and void, too dark to avoid The apocalypse by pain as the taper of the heart's strain And all lay rest sight upon the beauty and her fright, Lulled by the night and its dusky voice of blight As the Stygian orchids rise above the unhallowed, blood-red skies To be chosen in awe by the darkness they saw Staring deeply into their hearts, unforbidding of light which starts Its blight under the unnerving dark, an eye so full and stark Of wisdom and prowess, to choose again and again its goddess.

Always A Way Home


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