*Dandelion* most precious, very special, greatly loved.

How will I ever be able to say thank you, for this? Thank you
It means more to me than I can ever express.
I will always hold you in my heart. Thunder

By: Dandelion / Samantha (a very special, and gifted person).

As I lay under the big black sky,
I hear the gentle voice of thunder.
As the rain slowly starts to fall,
I stare up at the sky and watch the lightning.
The storm comes closer, right above me now,
I watch, mesmerized, as thunder soothes my angry soul.
As the storm starts to blow away,
I sigh and a single tear drops from my eye.
The soothing sounds of thunder, the gentleness of a storm,
I will keep the words of wisdom, I will keep the quiet roars.
I long for the days that bring thunder to me,
I long for the nights that I hear her rumble.
When there is no more thunder, and the skies are quiet,
the memories will live on in my heart, mind and soul.
Is there anyway to thank a gift of nature?
Is there anyway to show how much I care?
I silently wish for days of rain and storms,
just so I can hear my mother speak once more.


Untitled Sept. 16, 1997

walking alone
down the dark road
under the stars
and the pale moonlight.
looking for a friend
or a place to call home
trying to stop these
tears that i cry.
noone to love me
and noone to hold me
wishin someone would say,
please don't ever go away.
seventeen years i've
lived in the darkness
seventeen years i've
tried to hide.
the past never forgotten
always in my mind
tears never shed then
i was taught not to cry.
anger and frustrations
building inside me
making me scream
i'm crying inside.
how many more years am
i going to suffer?
how many more years
before i finally die?
i don't want to grow old
i don't want to stay young
i just want to
say my goodbyes.
friendships are over
my family disowned me
how many more times
am i going to cry?
all my wishes never
really come true
all my hopes and dreams
are just thoughts in my mind.
living a life that i don't understand
maybe i will the day that i die.
back into the shadows
hiding from the light
never to see the sun rise
or feel the warm sunshine.
I sit and think, trying to remember.
The face is blank, although I should know it.
Time is running out, memories are fading.
The soul is calling out, to the man I never knew.
The blankness I feel inside, must be filled by you alone.
I need to know you, inside and out.
I still love you, always will, you are the father I never knew.

I speak words to you that I do not mean, you do the same to me.
Ready to fight and scream we speak our minds freely, we are two of a kind.
From you I came born into this world, the last child you shall have.
Never realizing in my heart how much you mean to me, my mother, my friend, my life.
Dandelion / Samantha

I CAN ONLY THINK OF YOU ***********************
As the nights grow colder and the days grow longer I can only think of you.
As the time ticks by and the seasons change I can only think of you.
As the dogs bark and the cats meow I can only think of you.
As my body grows weaker and my soul grows heavier I can only think of you.
On my death bed with the last flower in hand I can only think of you.
No matter what I can only think of you my one and only friend.



Always A Way Home


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