Always A Way Home

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*Crystal Rider* a smiling and gentle soul.

C.R. always a kind word and a happy face.
My wishes for you are only the best that life has to offer, always.
Thank you, for being such A BRIGHTLY SHINING CRYSTAL.
I keep a special place within my heart, a bright spot. *s*

Ode To Thunder
By: Crystal Rider (a multi-talented young lady).

When clouds start forming
Cruel words are spoken
And people are shocked
Thunder hollers across the room

When rainbows are shining
Old friends are chatting
And children are laughing
Thunder dances around the room

When the wind starts blowing
Happiness is replaced by sadness
And tears are staining
Thunder holds you in the room

When leaves rustle
Crystals shine
And water glows
Thunder is there, smiling.


Gypsy, scholar
Swordsman, thief
Laughter, dying
Loving, grief

Some I have been
Some I will be
I was them
They were not me

My eyes through time
The sights they've seen
The things I've heard
The things I've been

A dreamer's world
So it may seem
But am I the dreamer
Or am I the dream.