Many Heartfelt Thanks go out to so many people
that have helped in the creation of these pages.

  Some by offering free graphics from your web sites.
Some because when asked for your advise, you always had a moment to spare.
Still others for helping me with graphics sometimes by request, sometimes
because it was in your heart and soul to send me magnificent pictures.
Please take a few moments and visit the pages of these wonderful Artists.

(Warm Hugs of Affection) To all of you.
Brightest Blessings

Crimmson Graphics

The Widow's Web

Livingtree Grove - Robin Wood
Robin Wood; Used with Permission

C.O.L.L. Of The Goddess



My deepest Respects and Thanks to:

For the graphic of The Spirit Within

And also to:
Mr. David A. Johnson who I had the pleasure of meeting at the
Toronto International Pow Wow 11/98 and again in Dec. 1999 .
Thank You for signing your
Artwork for me I shall treasure them always.

This site is Anfy Enhanced

Please feel free to share the dreamcatchers etc. in the Native section, they were crafted by me.

Always A Way Home


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