Time to say goodbye.
A kiss upon the cheek
A glance into her eyes
to forget her disrespect
to forget all her lies

for all the times she said I'm sorry
and wiped away my tears
for she's the one who's caused the pain
and created all my fears

but no amount of diamonds
no amount of pearls
could make me forget
all her other boys

there’s no time to worry
there’s no time to cry
for once again it's come the time
for us to say goodbye

Love isn’t so much
looking  into each others eyes
as looking into each others hearts...
it's not just dreaming dreams together
but following those dreams
hand in hand through the years

love is not only being strong
but being able to draw
on one another strength...
love is knowing
that problems will be lighter
and happy times brighter
because someone who cares
will be part of it

love makes all the difference in the world


God hath not promised
skies always blue
flower strewn pathways
all our lives through
god hath not promised
sun without rain
joy without sorrow
peace without pain

But God hath promised
strength for the day
rest for the labor
light for the way
grace for the trials
help from above
unfailing sympathy
undying love...

I realize now these unseen walls were
built by me
I laid each stone and mortared each seam
that only few can see
with bricks of pain and bricks of wrong
I've constructed these prison walls
the fears and doubts and my troubled soul
cast shadows in the halls

the windows I sealed with a broken
heart and the burdens that I bore
dim light shines through tiny cracks,
but there’s no longer any door
before I vanished, the locking bolt
was a spike that had been in my soul
there seems to be a relief from the
sorrow that pours out from this hole

I think at times I'll lose my mind
and cant carry anymore stones
and the hurt I feel penetrates
the marrow of my bones
but I always seem to reach
down again and place
another brick
or embed the floor even more
with another solid brick

I’ve been unhappy
I feel so sad
I’ve lost the best friend
that I ever had
she was my girlfriend
I loved her so
but it's too late now
she's let me go
I’m going through changes
we shared our years
we shared each day
we loved together
we found the way
but soon the world had it's evil ways
my heart was blinded
love went to stray
I’m going through changes
it took so long
to realize
and I can still hear
her last good-byes
now all my days
are filled with tears
wish I could go back
and change these years

everything’s black
the sky, the trees
nothing shows up on this background of dark
like a black hole
everything’s gone
my friends my life
nothing will come from this
everything's sinking, slowly, down
swirls to oblivion
nobody cares
then there was nothing
everything’s black
but I am still here

what ever happened to all of the colors
that used to swirl
around and around
now it's just black nothing has come from this
now it's just gone
everything’s gone
what do you want
I can't sort it all out
you seem to want something
but that’s always changing
you love me for me
and for how my mind works
but you want me for something
that I've barely glimpsed
and I think I am ready
but you make me doubt
you ask and you ask
till I’m no longer certain
I’ll never really know for sure
unless you let me into see
I’m not out to find all the answers

just tell me this one thing
I’m not out to steal your heart
I ask for just a bit
to hold you in my arms
I want for you more than anything else
to be happy
I couldn’t stand the thought of being an anchor
or holding you back.
The thought of you being restless
the thought that I'm the cause
that kills me more than anything you could do
without a cold heart
I know that you could break me
but love you just the same
I trust you to hold me
I hope this is right
so please tell me anything
I promise I'll take it in stride
all that I ask, is don’t hold it inside
I'll see if your keeping
a secret from me
but I wont try to pry
so will you feel free
to tell all that you feel
and all that you think
and if I am at fault
will you tell me that to
I don’t want to screw this up
it's all pre destined right?
something decides how we will be divided
so show me your soul
and don’t worry about the end
the end is inevitable
there’s nothing you can do
just remember that no matter what
what you say
what you think
I will always love you
if you allow me to
love involves sharing
your heart and your soul
of which I hold a piece
as you hold a piece of mine
I have this piece of your heart and I will hold it in my arms
and I will treasure it in my heart for ever
I will never lose it
will never misplace it
for you are a part of me now
all I can ask is that you do the same
I’ve trusted you with this piece of my heart
hold it in yours
keep it alive

**Note to Chris... Sakita bows in Thanks**

Always A Way Home


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