Well here I sit all alone,
No one to talk to,
No one is home.
All by myself,
An empty bottle,
On a vacant shelf.
My heart is aching,
While everyone is off baking.
Here I sit all on my own,
No one to talk to,
No one is home.

By angellea

By Angellea

Help me Help me
I'm under the stairs
Help me Help me
For no one cares
Help me Help me
I'm under the bed
Help me Help me
They all think I'm dead
Help me Help me
I'm in the walls
Help me Help me
Can't you hear my calls?
Help me Help me
I don't lie
Help me Help me


A Tear

I feel a gentle breeze against my face,
Yet the trees don't move.
A scream breaks the silence,
But I'm the only one there.
I can hear singing soft and sweet,
Yet there is no music.
I see the stars and the moon,
But it is day not night.
The moon is laughing and the sun is crying.
The ground is spinning,
The earth is dying.
And only I can stop it.
But my feet are frozen.
I can't move my lips to speak,
A tear rolls down my cheek,
And everything stops.
It's over.



As the water wears away the rock,
The gang wars rage on every block.
As the sun dries up the water,
Another teenage girl becomes a mother.
As the wind chills the suns rays,
With another life the world pays.
As the clouds pass by,
An old man slowly dies.
As our world falls apart,
Why do we loose the love in our hearts???

By angellea

Always A Way Home


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