The Adversary

Black Rain

Black rain coming down in my head
confusion and depression
I think I'd be better off dead

The pain of emotion
it cuts like a knife
she was everything to me
I made her my life

She told me I was her her master
said she would always be my slave
but now she kisses anothers' whip
she left me feeling betrayed

Now I'm all alone
for happiness my soul I'd sell
is there anyone that can help me?
please help me I am in hell

The Adversary

The Game

As I travel home
along the highway to hell
I feel no solitude
for the lines of people are long and numerous
looks on their faces are those of
nervousness, sorrow, and regret
but as they look grim I laugh aloud in satisfaction

for I know I am responsible
for turning these fools toward the
bright darkness
For this deed I am rewarded by
forever having a place beside my master's thrown of fire and brimstone
he shall forever call me Damien and
I will forever call him father
His game is torture and never ending agony
and worthless mortals shall forever be
the pawns

The Adversary

Caught Between

Hell on earth
fire in my eyes
fucking pissed off
no one on which I can rely

Always in between
never one sided
both are my friends
which is why I'm never decided

Maybe too many friends
is it possible?
one gets pissed at another
and I feel disabled

My opinion is my own
this way it must remain
I don't want to befriend either one
that would be insane

All this conflict inside me
my mind is getting crowded
all my friends are fighting
no rest am I allowed

All these problems inside me
it seems there'll be no end
but I must be there for them all
because if I didn't, well then I wouldn't
be a friend

The Adversary

Gave Up

Faster, faster need more speed
it's gonna be my last night
pedal to the floor but I still need more
I never want to see another morning light
My kid killed by a drunk
my wife's screwing a punk
so what's left for me?


I'm on my way to my final demise
it wont be hard to find even with these
tears in my eyes
Because any road will take me there

I'm running on high test
I'm finally going to break this stress
gonna take this weight off my mind

What is this I see?
My fates becoming reality
my last night meets it's end
I'll never have to worry about anything again

The Adversary


Always A Way Home


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